Rock art

Now, the editors of fanzine Strange Days Newsletter have unearthed the painting and correspondence between the artist and Morrison.
A spokesman says, "T.E. Breitenbach had previously sent a letter to The Doors' office telling them how he admired their music and Morrison's lyrics. In the letter, Breitenbach offered to paint an album cover for Jim or The Doors.

A lost painting commissioned by THE DOORS star JIM MORRISON just before his death has been turned into a new must-have poster for his fans.
Artist T.E. Breitenbach created The Morrison Triptych at the request of the rock legend during the winter of 1970/71 - months before the singer/poet's death in Paris, France.

"After Breitenbach finished the painting, Morrison was very pleased and asked if he could use it on the cover of his poetry album that he was currently working on. The deal was set but Jim passed away in Paris on July 3rd, 1971 before his album was complete. In 1978, the producers of the An American Prayer album didn't know of Jim's ideas for the hand dryer, so it was never used."

Strange Days editors have been given permission to offer a limited edition poster set of the painting to fans, who will also receive a copy of Morrison's letter to Breitenbach, describing his ideas for the project.

Morrison planned to use the piece as the cover of an album of poetry - but he died without telling anyone of his wishes, and Breitenbach's creation became a forgotten piece of rock art.

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