Maintenance workers

Ginsburg said he believes with the hand dryers he picked out, The Excel Dryer, the return on the purchase will be fast.The Excel Dryer helps qualify a building for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. LEED is a certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of green buildings. The cost of each dryer is about $400, but the company said it uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers, saving about 90 percent of the cost of paper towels.

University Center restroom trash bags overflow with paper towels, especially when there's a major event in the UC Sunnen Lounge. The paper towels litter the floor and become a nuisance for patrons and maintenance workers.

John Ginsburg, director of the UC and Student Activities, has taken steps to install hand dryers in those restrooms.
Switching from paper towels to hand dryers makes sense from a neatness and sustainability standpoint, Ginsburg said.

"Since we have so many events in the Sunnen Lounge, we keep having to call housekeeping to attend to the towels that are on the floor," he said.
"And then they're coming and taking out the bag, and it's two thirds empty."

Hand dryers would cut back on paper towel waste and trash bags, saving trees and saving Webster University money. Randy Wilkins, custodial services general manager, said the UC used 240 rolls of paper towels in the last calendar year, which cost WU $1,600. Forty rolls were used just for the two upper-level restrooms.

Ginsburg displayed an Excel Dryer in the UC from Friday, Feb. 27 to Monday, March 2, for students to test out and give feedback, he said.
Someone left a post-it on the dryer that said the dryers are less sustainable because they use electricity. This is not necessarily true because of the work it takes to make paper towels by cutting trees down and the processing that follows,

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