Greener Environment

They found that while paper towels may be made from recycled paper, once a paper towel is used it cannot be recycled. They also discovered it takes both water and energy to produce paper towels. And then those discarded paper towels are taken to landfills, compounding the problem. And that doesn't even take into account the trees that are destroyed to make the paper in the first place.

In a time when making the environmentally responsible choice has never been a higher priority, each of us are confronted with the question on a daily basis. After washing our hands in the restroom, we are faced with a decision. Hand dryers or paper towels? Some choose paper towels. Some choose automatic hand dryers. And some being confused and not sure which hand drying method to choose, simply wipe their hands on their pants.

"It's true. It does take energy to operate a fast hand dryer. However, when compared to the electricity used to manufacture paper towels, the usage is minor. In fact, it takes less energy to run an electric hand dryer than it takes to manufacture the equivalent amount of paper towels you'd use to dry your hands," said Vic. On average, a person uses 2.5 towels to completely dry their hands.

We wanted a straight forward answer to which hand drying method is the most environmentally friendly," said Tom Vic, President of company Corporation. "Although the company has been manufacturing hand dryers for more than 50 years, we decided we needed an unbiased opinion and put together a team to research the topic.

The Engineering Manager agreed with the study's results. "Our new Airforce™ fast hand dryer uses half the energy as other standard automatic dryers and also dries hands in half the time of a standard electric hand dryer — making it the ultimate green machine," added Smith.

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