A microbiologist

The hand dryer will soon be coming to a public washroom near you. "If you leave a washroom with damp or wet hands you can transfer up to 1000 times more bacteria," says Danielle Stevens a microbiologist.

To help combat the spread of germs, Stevens helped develop the new hand dryer. She's hoping it will prove to be more sanitary that paper towel. A recent study shows 88 percent of women wash their hands in public restrooms compared to just 66 percent of men.

"When you flush the toilet there's an aerosol effect that throws up a microscopic cloud into that washroom air…with the conventional dryer it sucks in that air, heats it up and blows it back onto your hands," says Stevens.Research also shows using paper towel to dry your hands is better than using a hand dryer.

The hand dryer takes just 12 seconds to get the job done and blows nothing but filtered air. No matter what your method though it's important you dry your hands completely.

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